Monthly Archives: March 2014

We need your help – Summer Term 2014

We have looked at our development plan, and we want to tell you what we want to do, and how we need your help in the summer term 2014.
After a very successful fundraising event to extend the trim trail, the school council would like your ideas for making the playground and equipment outside better. We want your ideas to help us work with Mrs Brown to see what we can come up with to make playtimes/lunchtimes more exciting and fun.
We are also going to be working with Mrs Daly to make sure that all children are in school regularly and this will help with our school’s attendance target.
We will be asking for lots of help and ideas, so get thinking Priory School and make sure you talk to your school council representative.
Thank you for all your help 🙂


We have taken into consideration the ideas from all of you. We have spent lots of time discussing the new equipment and looking at different prices. We are pleased to announce that we are having a new Buddy Bench, a tyre run and a board walk fitted on the 21st March 2014.
We would like to thank all of you for helping us with our fundraising to achieve and for all of your time and ideas.
We hope you will enjoy the new equipment as much as we will.