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Improving recycling in and around school!!

Hello everyone, in our last meeting we discussed what we would like our next school council project to be!

 We have decided that our next project is going to be looking at  improving the recycling in and around school. As you know we already recycle paper and card, but we were wondering about recycling more things! Do you think we have enough bins outside? Or do we need more? What about the compost bins? Do you know where they are and what can go in them? What about in the dining hall? Can we recylce in there especially if we have sandwiches?

We are going to be working alongside Mrs Plumbley and some of the school eco warriors so please give us your ideas!!!!!

P.S Keep telling us your fundraising ideas!!!!!   🙂

What are your views on the School Uniform Proposals? Vote here!

The school council are proposing the following:

  • We think that children in Years 3-6 should wear a school tie. We think they will look smart, feel part of the school community and it will prepare us for when we need to wear one in secondary school. We also think we will work harder when our uniform is smarter.
  •  We will need to change the school jumper for these children too, into a woolen v-neck style, along with a white shirt.
  •  We have asked the school if they would buy everybody one tie and one jumper to help save parents the cost. We are also planning to fundraise too.
  • We will try to let you know what decision we come up with by the Easter holidays. We would like to start wearing the new uniform in September.

To have your say, please click on the link below: