Monthly Archives: February 2012

Fundraising Ideas!

When we have read some of our blogs about school ties, some of you have suggested ideas for fundraising events that we could do. We would like some more of your ideas of what we could do as a school or classes to raise some funds. Remember that we already have non uniform days and competitions in school. .

Can you think of any different ideas that you could suggest to us for fundraising at Priory School? 🙂

More School Ties???

Thank you everyone for blogging us about the school

tie idea. Over the holidays we wondered if you could

think about colours and designs of the tie and also

give us any ideas of how we could fundraise to help

with the cost of the ties? Keep blogging 🙂 🙂

From Jessica Mudd, Kloe Barsley, Callum Wright and

Mrs Forman xx

School Ties??????????????

Hello and welcome to our new School Council blog! This term we have been discussing the idea of having a Priory School tie. We have talked with Mr Abbott and lots of you as well in our classes to find out your views about this. We are thinking:

  • Shall it be for the whole school?
  • Should it be just for KS2?
  • What do we want it to look like?
  • Should it be a proper tie, a clip on tie or an elasticated tie?
  • How will it make us feel  and look wearing the tie?

We would love to hear your views and if you have any ideas to help us with this please give us your comments!

Remember this is just an idea it is not definitely happening!!!!!!!!