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  1. He was gone no one knew where he went.After a while,he started to eat all the food in the fridge and even the food in the cupboards!”Where is he”shouted Mum.The elf was sat in mum and dads room after he ate all the food in the kitchen. He was making a mess in there room then afterwards he came to my room and made a mess he was in a lot of trouble by me.After he made a huge mess, he used my tooth brush to clean his teeth.Let me go and brush my teeth I said.Before I brushed my teeth, I found out that naughty elf on the self had been using my toothbrush because my toothbrush had toothpaste on it still.After I brushed my teeth,I noticed that he had been and made a bigger mess in my room than mum and dads room then I got fed up of him doing bad things so I called mum and dad to have a look.Mum screamed and dad gasped then they had to do some breathing to calm down so did I .So I could brush my teeth, we went to the shop to buy me a new tooth brush. When we got back I brushed my teeth and then was ready for my morning shower but as I opened the curtain I saw naughty elf on the shelf was having a shower!

  2. and “Flash!” the elf on the shelf vanished.The brave elf sneaked into the garden over the shed and out of the drive.Elf ran down the street past Tom’s cafe and all through the city.When the child woke up, he said where’s my elf?The little boy was very upset so upset he bought a new one.He felt lonely without the real elf.The next night passed by but the elf was not there.The boy’s mother said “poor boy” the next night the elf came back to the house he had a look at the child and saw another elf on the shelf.The elf was shocked he was so shocked he was crying.The next day the boy saw him he had so much excitement he was dancing.The next day it was Christmas Eve there mum let him stay up until 10 pm that night the boy heard such a mysterious clatter. He had a peek and it was Santa!Santa went down the chimney with his sack. Santa put the presents down drank his mince pie took both of the Elfs and vanished.The next day he said”wow!look at all these wonderfull presents” that was the end of that fun Christmas.The end.

  3. 🇮🇴🇦🇷The naughty elf on the shelf🇮🇴
    💁🏽By Atlanta Aryee💁🏽

    Tonight was going to be the busiest night yet.The elf on the shelf waited for everyone to go to sleep and then the adventure began.Taking one last look around, he carefully wrapped the beautiful,shiny,perfectly decorated Christmas tree. Then, he pulled the beautiful and soft Santa,raindeer and snowman stockings down. 1 minute later, he got a sharp,dangerous,shimmering,shiny knife to cut the giant, see through, Coca-Cola money bank and cut it after he tipped it with all him might all over the fluffy carpet.

    The kitchen
    After,he look round to see what else mischievous he could do so he went in the kitchen and made a raindeer with knifes he dreamt mum and dad would say to the poor inocent children. Next, he went to the toilet and got the tissue and put it all around the kitchen.

    The investigation
    7 hours later , the kids Atlanta , Braden and Leo woke up and saw the Christmas tree wrapped up in tissue paper,the stockings on the floor the money jar open , the money all over the floor and the elf on the shelf. Braden exclaimed , “I’m very thirsty” “Me two” , cried Atlanta. “Me three” calmly talked Leo. So all of them went in the kitchen and saw the mess tissue paper all on the walls and knifes in a raindeer shape. “I have had enough of this”, braden shouted madly. Braden stomped up stair in the speed of light and said to mom, ” can u come down stairs and look what the elf has done?” “Yes”cried mum. She came down stair and saw all the mess “who has done all this mess?”she said “the elf ” cried the children. “Oh” she calmly cried. After , she cleaned all the mess up from the naughty,crazy elf on the shelf

    T H E E N D

    1. Thanks Atlanta. I like how you wrote your adventure in sections 🙂 It would have to be a big investigation to find out about all of that naughtiness!!

  4. Suddenly,Ellie the elf ran into the cupboard to hide herself and see if she could do any mischievous things. As quick as a flash, she thought back to last year when she bought chocolate for Kian and Briony. Afterwards, Ellie ran to the North Pole to get some chocolate out of her stash. Happily, she ran home (Kian & Briony’s house) and saw that their Mum and Dad was still awake! “Oh no what am I going to do!” panicked Ellie. Lately, their mum & dad have been going to bed late so it was a problem for Ellie. “ I have an idea I will jump on the chair and then jump on the tree hopefully they won’t see me.” Said Ellie with a giant smile. So Ellie did it but Briony & Kian’s Mum spotted her. But she didn’t know it was real. Ellie thought I can go on an adventure. So she set of. She went into the kitchen opened the fridge and jumped in. Then she ate a whole tub of strawberry yogurt! She finally got bored so she …. so she ran in the living room because Mum and dad was asleep and sat with the chocolate in their stocking. Then she slept and waited for the children to wake up in the the morning.

  5. Day 2.
    Naughty elf on the shelf has been up to lots of mischief.He has been to the North pole and kidnapped Santa I know I know it sounds impossible but it’s not.I was thinking whose going to save Christmas until I got called by Santa’s helpers the Elf’s they called me to say “you are chosen to save Santa and Christmas day.”off I go let’s go to the north pole and save Christmas!I’m finally here let’s go save Christmas. Elf on the shelf what are you doing ahhhhhhhhhhhh *whoosh ya poosh crash hit bang*got ya the Elf said in relief ” thankyou you saved Santa and Christmas Well done here take a gift.”thankyou for the gift it was a pleasure to save Christmas. Make sure you have a Merry Christmas and a happy New year.

    1. Thanks for the second installment, Keira 🙂 If you get chance, have a look through to see if there’s any missing punctuation you could add…

  6. They woke up
    Kian & Briony finally woke up. “Hello!” Briony said with excitement. “Where is my elf on the shelf?” Kian thought. “There in the stocking!” Shouted mum. Then they looked in the fridge and all of the strawberry youghurt was gone. Then they looked at Ellie and she was all pink.
    “Why is she so greedy? She did it last year” wondered Briony. Mum took a picture and sneaked some of Kian’s chocolate quickly in her mouth ………………. “Wooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwww. I just saw Kian’s elf Alfie move………”

  7. Tonight was going to be the busiest night yet. The elf on the shelf waited for everyone to go to sleep and then the adventure quickly began. Taking one last look around he sees a rather bouncy, but fragile looking present, can you guess what he did then? He jumped off the shelf and onto the present. Then he starts bouncing up and down on it! After about two minutes of bouncing there is a loud crack, “CRRRR-AAAACK!!!”, “OH-NO” cursed the elf, quite a bit too loud. “THUMP!” What was that upstairs, thought the elf? “THUMP!” Came another loud noise from upstairs. Then all of a sudden the elf realises that it is the children’s dad… The elf suddenly has an amazing idea, if he creates enough mess in the room everywhere it will look like a burglary, so that is what he does, and just before dad comes down, the elf throws a snowglobe at the window, smashing it. When dad sees this absolutely bespattered room he shouts mum down!
    The day after there is a police investigation, the police stay there for two whole days. Then, on the third day the police say, “There is no evidence of anyone entering the house, or stealing anything, it’s impossible!” So from then on the family bought an alarm, so they knew when a “burglar” was in their house. As a consequence the elf had to stay as still as stone on the shelf.

  8. He started getting into his mischievous tricks
    He got on this weird transportable broom from the awkwardly placed holder and started acting like the wicked witch of the west.
    He started grabbing photo frames and making all of the precious memory filled photos with photos of him
    He also started to make a play scene that the kid made into his own private bathroom boy she would have a surprise in the morning
    The elf also grabbed one of his owners toys and gave it a makeover to look like the grinch
    And the last thing he did before the morning was get a hockey stick(because the kid played hockey)and knock all the Christmas decorations down before the owner woke up to find the decorations was ruined and the elf was acting plain innocent but her parents blamed it on her! She got grounded for 2 months after Christmas but everything they thought she did…was actually the elf

  9. 2 years later
    Oh the elf is back with his tricks
    But he ain’t messing around this year
    This year he cast a spell to make other Christmas dolls come to life
    He has got backup 10000000% this time
    And he also got his little gang to start opening Christmas presents which took hours to wrap and destroy the present inside the paper!!!
    And that wasn’t all
    The little creature grabbed his owners phone to text all of the owners family saying “don’t bother showing up at my house on Christmas morning you guys make the holidays worse than they already are!” So nobody is there to celebrate with the poor child
    And to finish the nightmare holiday the real elf decided to eat all of the Christmas dinner the kid and his mother took ages to plan out with everything
    So on Christmas morning as you would guess the little kid was very disappointed that the Christmas of his dreams was crushed into a million pieces but that didn’t stop him because he got the opportunity to make this right and the naughty elf was banished from the North Pole and their house for good
    THE END OF EOTS(elf on the shelf)

  10. …….The elf on the shelf jumped off his shelf and ran over to his little elf door, slowly he opened the door so it didn’t make a sound. The door was a secret magic portal to the North Pole which Santa uses to bring presents to the good children on Christmas Eve but tonight wasn’t Christmas Eve and the elf had hatched a plan to use the portal to kidnap Santa, so none of the children would get presents on Christmas morning, ruining Christmas forever.
    Earlier in the day………………..
    The two elves were asleep on the shelf ( a good elf named Elfie and a naughty elf called Jack ) . Jack woke up early, making sure not to disturb Elfie,he tip toed over to the cupboard and grabbed scissors and string, making sure the coast was clear,he tip toed back and without disturbing anyone he tied Elfie to the Shelfie and took a secret selfie !
    Present time ………………..
    Elfie woke up to find himself tied up . Who has done this ? Why ? And how do I escape ? Just some of the questions he was asking himself. Suddenly out of the corner of his eye he spotted the scissors that Jack had carelessly left behind . Wriggling over to the scissors, Elfie managed to cut himself free , jumping off the shelf he ran over to the portal door . Elfie saw Santa and Rudolf approaching the portal on the other side , he ran has fast has his little legs could , gave a massive shove at Jack . Jack fell into the portal shouting ” you haven’t heard the last of me ” . Elfie quickly slammed the door behind him , saving the magic of Christmas for now at least .Exhausted , he slumped down , when he suddenly became aware that he wasn’t alone …………….
    To be continued.

  11. and he was gone on his mischievous mission. In the morning I heard a clatter from above the naughty elf had tied santa claus up stuck in a chimney. Then the elf took over christmas…

  12. After a while my elf went into the cupboard and ate every thing then when I woke up there was a knife hanging. As soon as I moved the knife dropped it was sharp. The elf moved and it looked inocent .THE END

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